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Joyce Kinmont,
Founder, 1990
Learning by faith and learning from experience are two of the central features of the Father's plan of happiness. The Savior preserved moral agency through the Atonement and made it possible for us to act and to learn. Lucifer's rebellion against the plan sought to destroy the agency of man, and his intent was that we as learners would only be acted upon.
- Elder David A. Bednar, Increase in Learning, p.3

 Elder Kim Clark
 Commissioner, CES
Education Restored and Revealed in the Church
Recently I (Joyce Kinmont) was privileged to be able to make a presentation at the Utah Home Education Assn Convention in Salt Lake City. The purpose of my presentation was to marshal evidence, offered by the most credible witnesses, to show that:
  ● LDS youth are not safe physically, religiously, morally, or academically in public schools,
  ● the Lord wants them to have a religious education,
  ● we originally had that education through our Church,
  ● we lost that education by inattention to the pleadings of prophets,
  ● it must be restored as a necessary part of the building of Zion.  
(continue reading to learn about Elder Clark's amazing announcement)

 Ezra Taft Benson,
 Patriot Prophet
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A millennial society will emerge in our future; we can either resist or contribute to its development. The basic stewardships that will push this movement into the future reside in each family. Our society will change as our education changes. . . individuals from many families must do the creative work . . . As this education is firmly established, temporal excellence in learning will blossom and Zion will increase in beauty and in holiness; her borders will be enlarged, her stakes strengthened, and she will put on her beautiful garments (D&C 82:1-4). And the children will be taught through an agency approach to education.
- Neil J. Flinders, Teach the Children: An Agency Approach to Education, BYU, 1990
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